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We're Going On A Trip!

I'm heading to Oklahoma for the holidays, and it'll give me the opportunity to shoot a section of America I haven't seen yet. I've lived around DC, seen NYC and was an ATLien for a day, fell in love shooting here in Seattle and loved hiking the Hollywood Hills. This will be my first time in the middle of the US, so I'm excited to explore some new cities and see new things to explore. 

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What I Use to Be A Mobile Creative

MacBook Pro 15" with TouchBar

So first we’ll start off with MacBook Pro 2016 edition. This is the 15-inch MacBook Pro. 15” retina screen the TouchBar and what’s really cool about the TouchBar is that it allows for very fast and very fluid editing in applications such as Final Cut Pro, which I’m using to edit this video right now.

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I was thinking of a list of gear I'd want to do a video on of things I'd want to expand my mobile kit, and figured it would be better to show everything here than make a video. So I chose 5 pieces that I think would be a great addition to your kit to help you get creating!

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