The Best Slim iPhone X Case - LAUT's FLURO

For many of us, the most important computer that we have is the one in our pockets. Even more so for content creators, our phones are one of our biggest tools for creating content and connecting with our audiences. 

So it makes sense that, with flagship smartphones getting more and more expensive, it would be a great idea to put some protection on it. But why put any case on it and take away from elegant design?

I was able to get my hands on the FLURO, a case from German case maker LAUT, for the iPhone X. It's well designed, with tough corners for protection, 2 screen guards for the front and rear glass (something that's becoming more common on smartphones in general with Qi Charging), and a see through back that compliments the design of the phone. 

LAUT was kind enough to send me both the FLURO and their ACCENTS cases. You can find out more about both in the video below.

Legal Disclaimer: This feature was produced in collaboration between CreeseWorks and LAUT. The opinions represented in this article are those of CreeseWorks. Products supplied by LAUT.