I was thinking of a list of gear I'd want to do a video on of things I'd want to expand my mobile kit, and figured it would be better to show everything here than make a video. So I chose 5 pieces that I think would be a great addition to your kit to help you get creating!


DJI OSMO Mobile - Had some hands on time with this and I love it. When I'm recording videos, I sometimes use my iPhone with its 4k recording for B-Roll. The OSMO helps with keeping all my panning nice and smooth. 


OLLOCLIP Core Kit - Sometimes you want to change the look of your photo. This doesn't replace my DSLR, but it does work in a pinch. Combine the different lenses with something like @vsco for a potent workflow. 


JOBY GorillaPod - When you need to get the shot at an angle a traditional tripod wouldn't work, this is the solution I see people turn to. Between it's lightweight and flexibility, it's a logical choice. 


NOMAD GOODS Universal Cable and Powerpack - The Universal Cable covers Micro-USB, Lightning and USB-C in a rugged cable. So chances are you'll be covered on a cable type for your device. The batter pack, which I played with recently, has @tile built-in, which I find astounding and unexpected. Not only do you get a powerful and rugged battery, but you can find it via bluetooth. 


Those are my 5. What would your 5 things be? Sound off below!