Los Angeles: The 24 Hour Blitz


This weekend has been a refreshing trip to Los Angeles. Landing before the sun could break through overcast skies on Saturday, I spent the first few hours shooting both outside of LAX to capture an undercarriage of an airplane landing with my 18-140mm with a polarizer (below), while later in the day, capturing street shots with my 35mm (above). So much of Saturday was spent creating content around the west side of the city, that I'm still shuffling through it to make sure I can tell the best visual narrative. 


One of the shots I've been playing around with was in Venice Beach. I spent a good part of my time there just sitting back and enjoying the view for what it was. I walked a good section of the boardwalk to take the picture below. In between shots, it was just getting to enjoy the air and watch the surfers catch waves. 


I spent some brief time in Marina Del Rey to take some photos and experience the area. The main reason I went there was for this, a photo of my new shirt, the Zero Two. The Zero One shirt was an appreciation for my time in NYC. The Zero Two is a love letter to the times I've spent in LA, whether I'm in Hollywood or Downtown. Get that here


To describe the effort it took to get all these shots in, I got into LA at 7:30am, and bounced around the west side until later in the evening, and didn't finish shooting content until 3pm. I spent Sunday shooting for a client who I'll show off in a later post. It's just nice to do what i love doing, where I love doing it.