Los Angeles: Beyond Hollywood


I've made it no secret that I love Los Angeles. It's a beautiful, sprawling city with so much history, and a hub of the entertainment world. Working with entertainers and talent, giving them images that they can use for promo, marketing and behind the scenes, it's a city I want to get way more familiar navigating. 

I'm spending this weekend shooting for a client, and it's super exciting to get to take a brand new look at places I didn't get to enjoy on my previous trip. The last adventure was a four day combination of business and pleasure, taking photos behind the scenes at CBS, while also enjoying the Walk of Fame and the Hollywood Sign. Early morning call times to set, and evening strolls under palm trees by the Warner Bros. lot. 


This trip is NOT that. This trip is a 36 hour blitz of the city, from Venice to Little Tokyo. There are whole swaths of the city that I haven't gotten to visit yet due to a lack of time, but I'm excited to check out. This go-round is going to be focused less on Hollywood and more on the other spots on the west side that I didn't get to check out last time. I'm planning on creating a bunch of content during this brief stint, which is why I'm trying to be so focused with my time down there. 


This is going to be a fun adventure. I want you guys to come along with me on this. I'll be posting mostly on Instagram, so if you're not following me there already, click here. It's going to be a fun ride!