3 Reasons Video Monopods Are Wonderful


Another weekend brings another video shoot, and this weekend was no different. I'm primarily a photographer first and a videographer second, though the line between the two has been blurring lately as I shoot more and more jobs.

With this last job, I brought with me my tripod for a video shoot. While a tripod is usually a good idea for shooting from one position, more and more, I'm hitting the limits of where I can one. The three legged structure makes it difficult to maneuver into tight areas, and having dedicated video equipment makes for easier panning and tilting. When it comes to future work, I'm looking at video monopods. They cover so many bases, it's hard to compete for run and gun jobs. Here are three reasons why video monopods are wonderful and would make a great addition to your kit.

- They're Lightweight

When you're a one-man band, weight is a huge factor to bringing equipment around. Video monopods are lightweight, and compact, allowing them to be carried around fairly easily. 

- They Have Feet

While a monopod gives you flexibility, there might be moments when you need to get a more stabilized shot that a tripod would give you. That's where the feet lock in, and give you that ability to lock in and get a more steady shot.

- Video Heads Are Beautiful Things

Nobody likes a shaky camera while panning. Having smooth video separates good video from great video. Video heads allow you to capture the action while having it look clean and professional.

With a video monopod in your kit, you can move and plant yourself for video shots while still having a lightweight setup.