From the Archives: The Canon Rebel XSi


In the early 2010s, my friend Sergio and I were just getting beginning our journeys into the world of photography. I was still developing my sense of style then, and my look was business casual with a bit of an edge. For this session, Sergio was using the Canon Rebel XSi, the camera line that preceded the Rebel T series. He recently passed along the RAW photos from those sessions, and I wanted to play with the files, as I currently shoot primarily with my Nikon D7100, and recently had some time with the Sony Alpha line.


The main idea behind editing these files was to try out first hand Canon color science when it came to post processing. Straight out the camera, the colors look more warm, so when punched up in post-processing, the images get even more dynamic. This is great for shots like the one below in my old Accord. The Sony A7R III, for comparison, produced what felt like cooler tones, and my D7100 feels like I can recover the subtle details easier. It’s interesting to see how each file type has a nuance that differs it from the competition.


At the end of the day, the choice of what camera system to use all depends on what you shoot and personal preference, but it’s nice to try out other systems every now and again to see the different options out there.

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