Three Reasons to Get Out Your Comfort Zone


Much of my time shooting editorial content is spent in urban environments, either in a studio or out on the streets. While I highly enjoy spending time in those places, it can lead to stagnation. So this past weekend, I escaped from Seattle to head out to Snoqualmie Pass to shoot with Jessica. Learned a good bit while shooting out there that you can takeaway with you.


Use the Space

With so much room to work around, keeping an eye out for elements that can lend to composition helps make for a stronger image. For this shot, I used the lines of the slopes and the layering of mountains, trees and field to give the shot layers.


Break Out the Toys

Being in familiar settings can lead to a tendency to aim for familiar results. Use X body with Y lens with Z flash. With a wide open area to play in, it gives more freedom to mix it up with everything from tried and true primes lenses to the zoom lenses I don’t use as often. Experiment and try things you normally wouldn’t under normal circumstances.


It’s Not A Simulation

Backdrops are wonderful, but there’s nothing that compares to being actually on location for a shoot and having those natural elements in play that you can’t control, whether it’s mist from the cold or spray from the ocean.

Whether you’re a studio or street photographer, putting yourself into a different situation than normal might help break out a rhythm and help bring a new perspective to your work.

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