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CES 2019, Nikon, and Atomos: Updates and News

I’m a photographer, and more often than not, I’m a one-man operation. I use a tool, a camera, to do my job, so I try to pay attention to developments in my industry to know what the current trends are to make better decisions for both future investments, and what clients are looking for when it comes to delivering the most value and the best experience.

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Sony #BeAlpha Seattle and Hiatus

Last night here in Seattle, Sony held a community event, inviting the photography community at large to come, have fun, try out various Sony Alpha bodies and lenses, and shoot different subjects in different scenarios while mingling over cocktails and color science.

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PSA: Backing Up Your Data & Trying New Things

As a working professional, there is nothing worse than losing your data. That data is valuable, and if it’s a source of your livelihood, should be protected thoroughly. If your clients are hiring you and are relying on you to have a reliable method to back up your data, make sure that back up has a back up.

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