Stranger Things Season 3 and Other Things I'm Reading This Week

Photo Credit: Netflix

Photo Credit: Netflix

The release of Stranger Things Season 3 on Netflix has resparked my curiosity on what goes on behind the scenes in terms of filmmaking. It’s a well known fact that they use RED Cinema cameras throughout the whole series, but what really caught my attention was lens choice. So I started reading this interview with Tim Ives, ASC, on how he picked lenses and cameras to achieve the evolving look on the series. It makes me thing harder about what lenses to choose to get a look beyond f-stops and focal length. You can read that interview here.

Sony just announced the 35mm f/1.8 FE lens and it looks amazing. The 35mm f/1.8 was one of my favorite lenses on my Nikon D7100, allowing me to capture so much while being so light and this looks to be even more impressive than that lens. Official announcement here.


Finally, I got back out in the streets to practice with my new Godox V860II-S speedlite. I saw nothing but good reviews about the units performance as well as its flexibility when used with other Godox flash units, which made it an ideal choice. This particular setup involved using a Godox trigger mounted on my a7 III and having the V860II-S mounted on a lightstand off to my right while I posed over a manhole cover in Downtown Tulsa. Might have to explore more for opportunities like this.

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