Back in the Streets


Happy New Year! I hope that your holiday was awesome and that you're excited for the potential of a new year. This time of the year is often saturated with people proclaiming their resolutions, but I personally want to focus more on goals. Goals can be measured, they can be tracked, and they can be worked towards, especially if they're very specific. 

This year, I'm making it a goal to shoot more consistently the things I love and the things I'm passionate about. I've always been a fan of cities, their dynamic contrasts of neck-breaking skyscrapers and one-story buildings, that together make an interesting body of work. So I've been posting more shots of different areas in Seattle to get better at that. 

On the flip side of that, over the last ten years, I have really been drawn into the world of entertainment, music, media, and fashion, through both luck and persistence. I've made it a point to say I genuinely love talking and working with other artists because I love that energy of collaboration. Doing work with people in that field has allowed me to be more creative, and so I want to do better this year in making contact with people. Both other artists and businesses. I admittedly stalled out in the middle of a transient year, and my fourth quarter was occupied with happy personal affairs. So I'm making it a goal to reach out to a realistic few people a week, and ramp up as things progress. 


What are your goals for this year? Let me know wherever you can find me online.

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