Traveling Smarter


The last few trips I've taken have really hit home how important it is to make sure you travel prepared. The following tips are some tricks I've picked up that might help someone else.

TSA Pre-Check
I've said it before in previous posts, but with the new regulations that everything bigger than a cell phone needs to be taken out and put in a bin, having pre-check means not having to unload your whole camera bag every time you go through security. If you can't get Pre-Check, just make sure you're ready to deal with the process of unpacking your equipment. For everything on me personally, such as keys, cell phone, and the like, I stuff that into a hoodie and send that through the scanners. One bulk package I can pick up on the other side. Also, as I've learned through this last trip, be wary of shoes with bluetooth trackers in them. My current pair are really great for walking through the airport, but they will set off the sensors, so bring something a less techy.

Know the Job - Bring What You Need
The worst thing you can do on a traveling job is over pack. Know what you're shooting, and bring what you need. Everything else is excess and will weigh you down as you try to get around. By keeping a lean, organized kit, you can keep a focused, light set of tools that won't hurt as you move around.

If It's Important It Stays With You
There have been plenty of horror stories of checking in equipment only to have destroyed gear when you land. If it's important, it should stay with you in your line of sight at all times. Pay the extra fee if you have to, but a $50 fee for an extra bag beats $1000s of dollars of ruined equipment. 

Each trip adds more knowledge, and the more you prepare, the better you'll be at travelling with your gear in one piece. 

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