Behind the Scenes: Karlie Hustle, Host of the Brutally Honest Podcast


There have been a bunch of projects that I have been working on for the past few weeks. I've been reaching out to mentors and people with whom I'd love to collaborate. That time has been spent talking to fellow creatives in adjacent fields, asking questions on how to make something that you, dear reader, can get value from and that is authentic to myself. 

One of those people is Karlie Hustle, host of the Brutally Honest podcast. A few years ago, Questlove was wearing her custom bowties on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and I immediately had my attention snatched. Fast-forward to now, where she delivers her own truths and insight on hip-hop culture, lifestyle and other topics that I find deeply interesting and relatable, and it's easy to see why Desus Nice selected her podcast for GQ's Best Podcasts of 2018

I had reached out to Karlie on Twitter to see if I could shadow her for her interview on The Night Show, a new series with guests from music, entertainment, fashion, and culture, taking photos and video behind the scenes in the green room.

Green Room


This was one of the nicest green rooms I've ever been had the pleasure of sitting in. With a view of Mt. Rainier, to a mini-bar, and other amenities, it was a perfect space to prepare for the event. The natural light also meant that I didn't have to use my flash at all, which I prefer not to in situations like this where I'm supposed to be an invisible observer instead of a studio session. 


During show prep, I was able to snag this shot on stage as Karlie was going through preparation notes. One of my favorites throughout the night since the stage lighting was so good. 


During the game section of the show with guests, I was able to get this shot from the back of the crowd. 


Right before the show began. Easily one my favorite things I've shot this year. From a technical standpoint, also one of the most informative. For every shot except for the last one taken on my iPhone X using Halide, I was using the Nikon 55-300mm f/4.5 - 5.6 lens. A kit lens. I tend not to bring it out due to the variable aperture when zooming in and out, but as I compensated for it with ISO and shutter speed adjustments throughout the evening, I was able to walk away with a series of shots I find satisfying. 

If you haven't listened to Brutally Honest, go take a listen and catch up!