The Best Budget Mobile Creative Storage: LaCie Rugged USB-C Hard Drive


When it comes to editing video content as of late, my process has been to shoot in the highest quality format I can, and then to take that footage and organize it onto my MacBook Pro’s internal SSD. Having everything on a drive that fast makes it easier to do edits versus running them off an external hard drive.

At least, that was the case until I picked up LaCie's Rugged USB-C hard drive. With a USB C to USB C cable, the drive has a potential speed of 135 Mb/s, making it more than fast enough to transfer large projects faster than if using a standard USB A 3.0/3.1 transfer speed.

To give a more tangible example -

When shooting photos in RAW on my camera, one 14-bit uncompressed RAW photo is roughly 30MB. At 135Mb/s, that’s 4.5 photos per second. The faster you can get the files on the computer, the faster you can begin to edit them. When I backed up a recent video project that clocked in at nearly 500GB, the process took just under an hour moving at those speeds.



-Rugged body means it can survive a short drop from a table

-Price point is cheaper than other drives with USB-C connectivity

-Transfer speed is fantastic from USB-C to USB-C


-Still an HDD so it’s not as fast as an SSD

-Bigger than Samsung T5 drives

If you’re looking for a drive to back up video work, and you’re using a USB-C setup, this is a hard option to pass up for the price. 


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