Weekend Outfits For Spring - Shot on iPhone Edition

Another weekend brings another opportunity to get outside and shoot. I've always loved the photography in fashion/style magazines such as GQ, so I'm bringing some aesthetic to my personal shoots. This week is based on two looks that work well in Seattle's super wet April. 

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First look keeps is simple and is a combination of a sharp pressed Oxford dress shirt from UNIQLO and a simple button down black cardigan. Having a colored shirt with a neutral color helps keep the balance in check. My accent piece in this is a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmaster Rounds, with a gold rim. It catches the light brilliantly on the edges while maintaining a rich black on top.


The second look is also a simple fit with a light graphic touch. For this, I'm wearing a Fall Out Boy snapback I picked up on their MONUMENTOUR with Paramore a few summers ago. Black Levi's jeans, with a black leather jacket, and a buttery smooth tan long sleeved shirt from UNIQLO. It keeps everything uniform with a bit of pop.

As for how I shot this project, I used my iPhone X in conjunction with the Apple Watch Camera app, and edited in Darkroom. It's become a very fast, efficient way to get these quicker shots out for a project I've quickly come to love. 

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