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Glade Dance Collective – Mine/Field

For this project, I was contracted to be Glade Dance Collective’s Creative Director for their piece, “Mine/Field” at the 2015 Washington, D.C. Capital Fringe Festival. Having worked with Glade previously, I already was familiar with their style and worked to achieve something that would push their visibility further, especially among other Festival performances.

Costume Design
To this end, I designed the costumes, directed the photo shoot, and designed the campaign poster. The theme of “Mine/Field” revolves around data mining and anonymity, so the concept drawings took inspiration from both popular search engines as well as movies that involve being observed without acknowledgement.

Photo Shoot
The next phase was translating those costume ideas into actual costumes for the shoot. I directed the shoot, using the experience I’ve gained from previous shoots to capture Glade in a natural state. This lead to quality photos that would then be used later for the poster design.

In the post-processing stage, all the information about the piece was complied and used in order to make the final piece. This included using the carefully selected shade of blue, linking back to social media, while having a representation of the dancers digital persona’s watching over them in the background. By doing this, the piece gains layers and depth that communicate the concepts of “Mine/Field”.

Mine/Field: Photo Book
The images that were taken from the photo shoot were then tweaked, edited and compiled into a photobook for Glade Dance Collective. This material featured bonus material in addition to the key image that would be used for Fringe Festival media.

Mine/Field: Score

In addition to the graphic design work, CreeseWorks provided live support for the actual piece itself. Audio engineering and curating was done, mixing down the 15 track score into a fluid piece that moved parallel to the dancers and anchored both them and the lighting cues.

Mine/Field: Lighting

The lighting cues were also operated by CreeseWorks throughout the run of the show, providing a fully synchronized experience for Glade Dance Collective.

Photography by Rob PC


Glade Dance Collective


Photography by:

Rob PC Photography


Naret Photography x CreeseWorks Remixed -Crossover-

The second collaboration effort between my friend Naret Photography and myself. The photos in this gallery have been shot by Naret and edited by CreeseWorks. For the photos of this shoot edited by Naret, please visit his page.