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CreeseWorks For Glade Dance Collective – Mine/Field

creeseworks For glademinefield

A series of portraits based on the themes of their piece, “Mine/Field“.


Glade Dance Collective

Rob PC Photography

CreeseWorks Magazine Volume III – The New Astromantics

CreeseWorks Magazine Volume III

CREESEWORKS Magazine Volume 3

This is the third cover of my ongoing graphic design project, once again teaming up with Naret Photography to shoot while I edit. Using what I learned from previous shoots, I was able to get a much better cover photo this time around than ever before.

Photography: Naret Photography

Model & Editing: CreeseWorks

Naret Photography x CreeseWorks Remixed -Crossover-

The second collaboration effort between my friend Naret Photography and myself. The photos in this gallery have been shot by Naret and edited by CreeseWorks. For the photos of this shoot edited by Naret, please visit his page.