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Starter Series: 35mm vs 50mm

When starting out in photography, you might not have access to the best lenses. If you're lucky enough to jump into this with a 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, more power to you. But for the rest of us, we might start from a more humble origin, in the form of kit lenses.

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The Best Budget Mobile Creative Storage: LaCie Rugged USB-C Hard Drive

When it comes to editing video content as of late, my process has been to shoot in the highest quality format I can, and then to take that footage and organize it onto my MacBook Pro’s internal SSD. Having everything on a drive that fast makes it easier to do edits versus running them off an external hard drive.

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Thoughts On Failure

In life, failure is inevitable, and as an entrepreneur, that lesson is something that we face more often than we would care to admit. 

Recently, I was walking door to door to businesses that fit with my own sense of design and personality. While most of them gave no response, there was one who had a moment. 

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Weekend Outfits For Spring - Shot on iPhone Edition

Another weekend brings another opportunity to get outside and shoot. I've always loved the photography in fashion/style magazines such as GQ, so I'm bringing some aesthetic to my personal shoots. This week is based on two looks that work well in Seattle's super wet April. 

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Three Books That Gave Me Perspective As A Creative

As with any major turning point in life, a birthday is a highlight that you've reached another year in life, bringing to this new year all the wisdom and experience from the old. Personally, one of the things that helped me reach this next level of thought that I talked about in a previous post was a group of books from various authors. Here are three of my picks and how they can help you.

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