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Thoughts on Photography & Overkill

With bigger projects, and more high profile clients, it makes sense to use the right tools to get the job done. As I've started to plan out my different jobs for the first half of the year, improving the quality of my production equipment is something that has been on my mind. 

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Something I've been asked to do more of lately is video work. So I'm taking it upon myself to push my gear on hand to the limit by learning to grade better. And that starts with better footage.

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What I Use to Be A Mobile Creative

MacBook Pro 15" with TouchBar

So first we’ll start off with MacBook Pro 2016 edition. This is the 15-inch MacBook Pro. 15” retina screen the TouchBar and what’s really cool about the TouchBar is that it allows for very fast and very fluid editing in applications such as Final Cut Pro, which I’m using to edit this video right now.

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Documenting an International Women's Summer Program

I had the pleasure of working with Forest Ridge, an international catholic girls boarding school in Bellevue, WA. I could talk about how much fun I had documenting the whole program, but I think this video tells more of a story of these 22 girls from 7 countries.

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I was thinking of a list of gear I'd want to do a video on of things I'd want to expand my mobile kit, and figured it would be better to show everything here than make a video. So I chose 5 pieces that I think would be a great addition to your kit to help you get creating!

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